Parents’/Guardians’ Responsibilities

Parents are important to the success of the athlete and the track club.  Therefore, we ask the parents to observe the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Realize that once an athlete is at a given facility, they are under the supervision/jurisdiction/guidelines of the coaching staff
  • Insure that the athlete is at practice and at meets on time
  • Provide transportation for the athlete to and from practice and meets
  • Remain in the seating area at practice and meets

Parents or Guardians that desire to volunteer MUST become a member of USA Track and Field AND complete a background check.

Parents can also join either the Shocker Track Club Open Team (for ages 19-29) or Masters Team (for ages 30 and up) and train on the track and field at the same time as Youth athletes. Contact Darren Muci at for details