Information about our 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Indoor Program is provided below.

2023 September Outdoor Fitness Program >> STC Intercession 2023 September SUMMARY
2023 – 2024 Youth Indoor Summary Overview >> STC Youth 2023 2024 INdoor SUMMARY
2023 – 2024 Youth Indoor Comprehensive Information >> STC INDOOR 2023 2024 Youth T&F Information
2023 – 2024 Youth Outdoor Payment Overview >> STC PAYMENT Youth Indoor 2023 2024 Process
2023 – 2024 Youth Outdoor fillable Registration Form >> INdoor 2023-2024 STC Reg Form FINAL with link
2023 – 2024 Youth Informational Sunday at 700p Night Zoom Meetings >> Click Here to Register for Zoom!
2023 – 2024 Collegiate Recruiting Overview Presentation >> Contact
2024 Shocker Track Club Home Youth Indoor Track Meet Information >> INFORMATION COMING SOON!
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Summary Information for our 2023 Spring/Summer Youth Outdoor Program follows.  Complete Comprehensive Information will be available later this month.
2023 Youth Outdoor Comprehensive Overview > STC OUTDOOR 2023 Youth T&F Information
2023 Youth Outdoor fillable Registration Form > Outdoor-2023 STC Reg Form FINAL with link-2
2023 Youth Outdoor Summary > Youth STC 2023 OUTdoor SUMMARY
2023 Youth Outdoor Payment Overview > STC PAYMENT Youth OUTdoor 2023 Process
2023 Informational Zoom Meetings – Sunday Nights at 700p >

Complete information about our 2022-2023 Fall/Winter Indoor Program (October through February) is now available.  Please see below for complete information. The minimum age for membership is eight (8) with practices held at Wichita State University’s Heskett Center.

Summary Information >> STC Youth 2022 2023 INdoor SUMMARY
COMPLETE Indoor Information >> STC INDOOR 2022 2023 Youth T&F Information
Fillable Registration From >>
Joiner and Payment Information >> STC PAYMENT Youth Indoor 2022 2023 Process
Informational Flyer >> STC FLYER Youth Indoor 2022 2023
Register for Sunday Evening at 700p Informational PowerPoint > Parent Informational PowerPoint
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Fillable .pdf Registration Form >>
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Send an email to if you have questions.
The Shocker Track Club Youth Team operates under the auspices of the Shocker Track Club Board of Directors.
The Mission of the Shocker Track Club Youth Team is to provide opportunities for youth to compete in track and field from an introductory level, to high-level competition, under the framework of USATF guidelines.
Oversight, Coaching, and Support is performed in a way that:
– provides opportunities for participating youth to have fun,
– provides opportunities for youth to improve as track and field athletes, and
– teaches youth to set goals and develop character through sportsmanship.
so that:
– youth participants develop a life-long love of the sport,
– the club develops the best youth athletes in the community,
– youth participants develop to their fullest potential, and grow to become responsible athletes and citizens.
You can also follow our activities on Facebook, and via Twitter at @STCYouthTeam.
The Shocker Track Club Youth Team is affiliated with USA Track & Field through the Missouri Valley Association.
Click here for details about USATF Youth programs >>—Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx
Thank you for your interest, and contact us if you have questions!
Darren Muci, Director, Youth Team –
Gilda Muci, Youth Team Operations –