Attention Youth Athletes and Parents!  There’s still time to register for the final two months of Youth Indoor Track and Field and Pole Vault training!

Indoor Track and Field – Youth Ages 5-18
Cost – $100
Location – Wichita State University Heskett Center Track (2nd floor)
Times – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 630p to 800p
Events – All events except Pole Vault
Coaches – Seven (7) coaches in multiple events; five with NCAA Div 1 competition experience
Information – 2017 Youth INDOOR Information and Registration Forms UPDATE 12 2017 FINAL
Contact – Stephanie Knab (Director – or Gilda Muci (Operations –

Pole Vault – All Ages
Cost – $120
Location – NE Magnet High School 5550 N. Lycée in Bel Aire (NE of 53rd Street and Rock Road)
Times – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 630p to 800p and Saturdays from 100p to 300p
Event – Pole Vault
Coaches – Five (5) coaches with NAIA, NCAA Div 2, and NCAA Div 1 competition experience.
Information – 2017 INDOOR POLE VAULT information and Registration Forms 10 2017
Contact – Darren Muci (Operations – or Denis Frazier (Head Coach –