The Shocker Track Club is pleased to announce the selection of Board Members, Board Officers, Functional Directors, and Administrative Assignments for the 2017 – 2018 year.
Appointments (followed by Title/Position) are –
Darren Muci, President
Chris Ellis, Vice President
Cody Brousek, Treasurer
Larry Staton, Secretary, and Director, Masters Team
Steve Rainbolt, Director, Wichita State University Track & Field and Cross Country
John Wise, Assistant Director, Wichita State University Track & Field and Cross Country, and Director, Elite Team
Chad Green, Assistant Treasurer
Dylan Hartnett, Director, Open Team
Mike Holladay, Director, Officials
Stephanie Knab, Director, Youth Team
Curt Rierson, Co-Director, Road Racing Team
Emily Maier, Co-Director, Road Racing Team
Anita Curtis
Cole Davis
Vic Everett
Ron Evey
Denis Fraizer
Curtis Hernandez
Amber Hetzendorf
J Means
Mark Schwarm
Chandra Cralle, Ex Officio
Bill Faflick, Ex Officio
Patric Jackson, Ex Officio
Gilda Muci, Ex Officio
Ryan Patton, Ex Officio
Shamoya Pruitt, Ex Officio
Nicholas J. Means, Of Counsel
Debbie Harper, CPA