The summer of 2015 was without doubt the most successful period of Track and Field in my career. I set PR’s over 5 distances (800m, 1500m, mile, 5k, and 4 mile) with the sub 4 minute mile being the most significant. Running 3.58.50 and becoming the 27th fastest Irish miler of all time was a special feeling. Add that to the fact I broke it on a track I used to practice on twice a week as a kid in front of my family and you have a surreal moment that I will never forget. Reclaiming my Irish National 3000m steeplechase title in a windy 8:47 was another significant moment for me as I was constantly looked at as the #2 steeplechaser in the nation. Other races to note was my 1:50 800m and 14:16 5k.

What’s next for me? I just came off a four week break were I got to do things without having to plan around practice and racing which was nice. I took a mental break from Track and Field which I feel is very important. Over the next few weeks I’ll gradually build my mileage before hitting a peak of 85-90 mile weeks around the start of November. I’ll also ease yoga, abs, hurdle mobility, and light weights into my weekly training. The first few months of 2016 I will run some indoor with the focus still being outdoor from April – August were I’ll try qualify for the European Championships and Olympic Games.

This brings me to my gofundme campaign that I recently set up. The purpose of my gofundme account is to raise $5000 to help me achieve my dreams of qualifying for the European Championships and Olympic Games. The money I raise will go towards travel costs to meets in California, Iowa, New Jersey and across Europe in the summer. Travel costs include plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and gas. Add that to physio needs to keep me injury free, use of anti-gravity treadmills, apparel, shoes, spikes, and entry fees and that’s where my figure comes from. The following is a link to my gofundme  –
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