The Shocker Track Club elected the following individuals to Board Member seats for the 2015-2016 year (new members in bold) – Darren Muci (President), Chris Ellis (Vice President), Ryan Patton (Treasurer), Larry Staton (Secretary and Director, Masters Team), Steve Rainbolt, John Wise (Head Coach, Elite Team), Chandra Andrews (Assistant Treasurer), Cole Davis (Director, Youth Team), Vic Everett, Bill Faflick, Denis Fraizer, Dylan Hartnett (Director, Elite Team), Joan Hearne, Curtis Hernandez (Head Coach, Youth Team), Amber McGown Hetzendorf, Mike Holladay, Patric Jackson, Emily Green Maier, Laura Markuly (Futurist), J Means, Shamoya Pruitt (Assistant Director, Youth Team), Mark Schwarm, Damian Smithhisler (Shared Seat), and Darius Draudvila (Ex Officio).  Nicholas J. Means, Attorney, was appointed as Of Counsel.